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Audit Assistance

What is Audit Assistance? Audit Guardians Premium Audit Assistance product is exactly what it says it is!

Audit Guardians’ team of experts, including CPAs, enrolled agents and tax professionals will assist our members in the event of an IRS audit.

Audit Guardians members receive the following support from our team:

  1. 1- Evaluation of all related IRS correspondence.

  1. 2- Explanation of claim requirements and the available options.

  1. 3- Professional IRS document review, consultation and organization

  1. 4- Drafting of letters and other necessary correspondence with the IRS as needed.

  1. 5- Assistance with telephone communication with the IRS agent for explanations and discussions during the audit process.

  1. 6- Assistance with all IRS forms including schedules A, C, and E unless excluded below in section 3.

  1. 7- Assistance with denied credits when the tax return is unfunded, including: Earned Income Credit, Child and Dependent Care Credit (form 2441), Education Credits, Child Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit, Adoption Credit, Credit for the Elderly or Disabled, Savers Credit.

  1. 8- Assistance with rejected W-7 applications.

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Audit Guardians provides tax pros and their clients peace of mind in the event of an IRS audit.
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